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Safer Sanctuaries Online Guide

Nurturing Trust within Faith Communities  
Discipleship Resources

For many churches and related organizations, creating a Safe Sanctuaries policy can be a complex and overwhelming process. The Safer Sanctuaries Online Guide serves as a companion for your team as they work through the process of developing and implementing a Safe Sanctuaries policy.

One Breath At A Time

A Skeptic’s Guide to Christian Meditation  
J. Dana Trent
Meditation is a practice growing in popularity. Used to reduce stress and to increase relaxation, meditative practices invite us to bring mindful attention to body and breath. But how does meditation fit into Christianity, and how does it differ from prayer? One Breath at a Time: A Skeptic's Guide to Christian Meditation reframes meditation for those who are skeptical because (1) they doubt their ability to be still and quiet and (2) they doubt the validity of meditation as a Christian spiri...

Listening Through Lent

with James C. Howell and The Upper Room  
James C. Howell
Do you love hymns? Songs of faith shape our understanding of spiritual truths; they remind us who God is. When we listen to hymns, the music awakens our auditory imagination and embeds the words into our memories. Lingering in our hearts and minds, hymns offer a regular reminder of God's loving and compassionate presence with us. This artful combination of music and lyric is a great gift. Our Lenten eCourse, featuring James C. Howell's Unrevealed Until Its Season: A Lenten Journey with Hymns...

The Coming Messiah

Guided Meditations for Advent  
Marsha Crockett
HOPE | LOVE | PEACE | JOY It's fair to say that most everyone is hungry for more these days?more hope, more love, more peace, more joy. These beautiful gifts can feel elusive and difficult to fully experience amid the stressors of everyday life. In the times we're experiencing now with a global pandemic, rampant evidence of racism, nature regularly revealing her power to wreak havoc, and deep uncertainty about the future, it can feel all the more challenging to remain rooted and grounded in ...

Finding Your Breath

An Introduction to Centering Prayer with Kara Lassen Oliver  
J. David Muyskens
Do you find yourself out of breath these days? Are you feeling anxious or unsettled? Or do you simply long for a more grounding awareness of God's presence in your ordinary days? The practices of Lectio Divina (sacred reading) and Centering Prayer are designed to calm our busy minds and bodies and focus our attention on the presence of God. Centering Prayer is a way of praying developed in the 1970s by Trappist monks William Meninger, M. Basil Pennington, and Thomas Keating. This more conte...

Walking In The Wilderness

An Online Lenten Retreat with The Upper Room  
Beth A. Richardson
Living through social and political upheaval can sometimes feel a lot like wandering in exile through a spiritual desert. The Upper Room invites you to join us this Lent for an online retreat in which we will hold sacred space for one another and connect with God throughout each day. You may feel like you are walking in the wilderness, but you are not alone. The Holy Spirit travels with us. The book of Joel reminds us: "Yet even now, says the Lord, return to me with all your heart, with fa...

Soul Reset

A Journey to Wholeness with Ron Bell  
Junius B. Dotson
Everything was going fine ? until it wasn't. For Reverend Junius B. Dotson it took an actual breakdown during a funeral for him to realize he needed a reset. As he recalls his own journey through grief, depression, burnout, and emotional breakdown, Dotson is passionate about calling for a Soul Reset. He is calling out to all of us: pastors, church leaders, and all disciples of Jesus Christ. This eCourse edition of Soul Reset is a 7-session study designed for anyone who moves at breakneck spe...

The Wondrous Mystery

An Upper Room Advent eCourse  
Benjamin Howard
We live in strange times. Our world is shifting and changing, and we are increasingly aware of our vulnerability and uncertainty. The season of Advent invites us to embrace the yet unknown?to pay attention to what we do not see with our eyes and what we do not understand. It's a season that asks us to wait expectantly and hopefully, though we may not be at all certain just what we are waiting for. As Christians, we are empowered by our knowledge of Jesus Christ: we know that Jesus was born, ...

This Blue Christmas

An Experience of Light and Hope in an Unprecedented Advent  
Todd Outcalt
The Gospel of John reminds us, "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it" (John 1:5). In this season that feels dark to many, as people of faith we have the promise of enduring light. But we'll need to look for it! What difficulty will the season of Advent hold for you this year? Separation from family? Financial distress? Isolation? The distress of living with the deep unknown? In the midst of the darkness, there is light! The Upper Room invites you to join us ...

Christ Beside Me, Christ Within Me

Celtic Blessings  
Beth A. Richardson
Practice seeing blessings all around you! Upper Room author Beth A. Richardson invites us to practice the Celtic way of seeing God in everyday life. Through Beth's written blessings and stories, we're invited to live into a regular practice of gratitude and noticing?practices that encourage us to be aware of God all around us. Drawing on her own Celtic heritage, Beth weaves personal story and written blessings into a book you'll want to have ready for life's ordinary and extraordinary moments...