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Your Spiritual Gifts Inventory

Your Spiritual Gifts Inventory

por Charles V. Bryant
Dones espirituales

This packet contains 10 copies of the spiritual gifts inventory from the book Rediscovering Our Spiritual Gifts by Charles V. Bryant. The inventory adapts material from the basic text for small group assessment and discussion about spiritual gifts.

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts Leader's Guide is also available.

Formato: Aglutinante
ISBN: 978-0-8358-0819-4
Editor: The Upper Room
Imprimir: Upper Room Books
Fecha de publicación: 06/01/1998
Paginas: 32
Dimensiones: 8.3750 x 5.2500

A member of the North Carolina Conference of the The United Methodist Church, Charles V. Bryant has served churches in Ohio, North Carolina, and England. He is a frequent lecturerer and workshop leader on the subject of spiritual gifts.

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