Jane Vennard was called to a ministry of teaching and spiritual direction and ordained by the United Church of Christ, a Protestant denomination. She teaches in various ecumenical setttings, leads retreats in North America and Australia, and is a spiritual director in private practice. For many years she served as senior adjunct professor at Iliff School of Theology in Denver. Jane is the author of several books, including The Way of Prayer in the Companions in Christ series and Fully Awake and Truly Alive: Spiritual Practices to Nurture Your Soul.
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The Way of Prayer Participant's Book

Stephen D. Bryant, Jane E. Vennard
The Way of Prayer Leader's Guide is also available. It's said that prayer is so primal an urge for humankind that we're born into the world praying. Yet, something so natural and seemingly so easy comes hard sometimes. The Way of Prayer is a 10-week small-group study about the nature, practice, and results of prayer. Some forms of prayer arise in our lives spontaneously, some are learned by rote, and others are stumbled upon as we move through life. "All prayer, formal or informal, is about ...