Derek Maul is a North Carolina-based writer, journalist, teacher, and speaker. Derek loves photography, travel, hiking, cooking, playing guitar, and-most of all-his wife, Rebekah. He is a regular contributor to several publications, including All Pro Dad, the Florida United Methodist Foundation, The Christian Voice, and
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10 Life-Charged Words

Real Faith for Men  
Derek Maul
Hey, guys. God has a question for you: Are you in, or are you out? If you've ever thought church was boring or irrelevant, or it seems like you're just going through the motions in your spiritual life, Derek Maul has news for you. God wants your life to be fulfilling, or more completely charged! Church is meant to be so much more than just one more social club. Toss aside your preconceived ideas about Christianity. Learn how to live a purpose-filled, exciting life in Christ. Maul, a popular c...

Reaching Toward Easter

Devotions for Lent  
Derek Maul
Derek Maul beckons you to join him on a devotional pilgrimage through Lent. Imagine yourself sitting at the table with Jesus and his disciples. Walk with Jesus on the dusty path from Bethany to Jerusalem. Watch him closely and listen to his words of grace, hope, and challenge as he moves purposefully toward the Cross. Reaching Toward Easter features 49 daily devotions that include in-depth Bible study, personal stories, and prayers. Maul hopes that you will arrive at Holy Week refreshed rath...