Blair Gilmer Meeks writes and lectures in the areas of worship and preaching. From 1991 - 1998 she was editor of Liturgy, the quarterly journal of The Liturgical Conference and associate editor of Homily Service, a monthly ecumenical journal for preachers. Meeks also served as an acting coach in the chancel drama program at the Center for Arts and Religion, Wesley Theological Seminary, and a teacher in adult education programs.
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Expecting the Unexpected

An Advent Devotional Guide  
Blair Gilmer Meeks
A high unemployment rate, tensions and wars around the world, soaring gas prices, job stress…Are today's anxieties shrinking your Christmas spirit, your sense of joy, your purpose, your song? This Advent, expect the unexpected. Reconnect with the Christmas story, the arrival of Christ's biblical message of hope and healing for this world. Expecting the Unexpected is a spiritual feast for the mind and imagination. Use it each day of the four-week Advent season. Open it and find: vivid da...