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Wild Things

Wild Things

Poems of Grief and Love, Loss and Gratitude  

por Roberta C. Bondi
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"Grief is such a messy thing," Roberta Bondi writes in the introduction. "It fills us with many ideas and images, memories and fantasies, celebration and bitter regret all at once — all superimposed upon one another. No wonder it wears us out."

In this book of poetry and reflections on her mother's death, Bondi acknowledges her grief in the presence of God over the span of a few months. She expresses many conflicting feelings: love, pain, anger, guilt, emptiness, confusion, exhaustion, relief that her mother was no longer suffering. As she celebrates her mother's life and wrestles with her own sense of loss and longing, she ponders the mystery of life, death, and God's presence every day all around us in nature as well as in relationships.

Even though we may feel isolated in our grief, we do not grieve alone, Bondi reminds us. In this firsthand account of her grief, she offers a gift to all who are grieving — comfort and help with accepting the forward and backward movements of grief and loss.

Wild Things will also be a valuable resource for those seeking to aid and comfort the grieving: pastors, counselors, chaplains, hospice workers, and family and friends of those dealing with loss.

Roberta C. Bondi is Professor Emerita at Candler School of Theology, Emory University. She will be recognized for several "firsts" at Candler School of Theology in fall 2014, including that she was the first woman who attained tenured faculty status. A graduate of Oxford University and Southern Methodist University, Roberta is married with 2 children and 2 grandchildren.


"With the spiritual honesty that is her trademark, Roberta Bondi opens to us the hurt and desolation that accompanied the loss of her mother, a loss no less devastating for being neither sudden nor unexpected. In poetry and prose she shows us that we grieve because we love, and that God's grace is grief's sometimes silent, yet never absent, companion. For those who grieve, for those who love, this is a grace-filled book."
-Robert A. Ratcliff
Belmont University

"When the deepest cries of the heart are unleashed, God's healing can begin. As readers come alongside Roberta Bondi in her intimate journey through grief and loss, they will likely discover their own path to healing."
­Missy Buchanan, older adult advocate and author of Living with Purpose in a Worn-Out Body

“In this vivid pilgrimage through the decline and death of her mama, Roberta Bondi takes us by the hand and says, ‘Come let me show you what I am discovering of life and love and God.’ A lifelong companion of the desert mothers and fathers of the early church, and an exquisite observer of her own life, she shows us how every moment, memory, and the smallest wild thing is a foretaste and glimpse of eternity. These poems are a journey of healing, hope, and spiritual wholeness.”
?Bishop Elaine J. W. Stanovsky
The Mountain Sky Episcopal Area
The United Methodist Church

“A few books come into our hands, if we are lucky, that are good and true and beautiful. Wild Things is one of those books. Roberta Bondi risks taking us with her on the long journey of loss and grief, offering no explanations but inviting us to see how even such a way can become the occasion for gratitude. This luminous collection of meditations and poems reminds us—to recall Julian of Norwich—that “love is the reason” and that love will show us the way. Throughout these pages, we discover Bondi’s witness to the truth that grace is ever-present, everlasting, and irresistible to those with eyes to see. Wild Things is not simply a memoir of grief after the loss of her mama. It is, rather, an invitation to learn that everything, including grief and the long and often dark absences of death, is charged with God’s grandeur.“
–Mark S. Burrows
Poetry Editor, Spiritus: A Journal of Christian Spirituality
Historian, theologian, and poet

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