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What Every Leader Needs to Know About Leading in Prayer

What Every Leader Needs to Know About Leading in Prayer

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por Betsey Heavner
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Offers biblical and contemporary examples of prayer and leadership.

Each PDF in the "What Every Leader Needs to Know" series provides practical, basic help to enable leaders to create environments for faith formation, model Christian spiritual development grounded in the means of grace, and equip all people to be in ministry in their daily lives. Also included are interactive exercises and a bibliography for additional exploration of the subject. Ideal for pastors, Sunday school teachers, lay speakers, and other congregational leaders.

What Every Leader Needs to Know About Leading in Prayer is part of the Concepts in Leadership 1 course.

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Betsey Heavner is the director of Congregational Leader Formation at the General Board of Discipleship of The United Methodist Church, Nashville, TN. A deacon in the Northwest Texas Conference, Betsey is the author of *Living the Faith: What Every Teacher Needs to Know,** *Guidelines for Leading Your Congregation: Pastor-Parish Relations, 2001-2004** (Cokesbury, 2000), and *The FaithQuest Leader's Guide.** Betsey acts as coordinator and writer for the Congregational Leaders website. In addition, she has written devotions for *The Upper Room Disciplines** as well as other articles and newsletters. She is a certified Minister of Christian Education and has served as Director of Spiritual Leader Development in the Northwest Texas Conference and as Christian Education Director in a local congregation.

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