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This Life That Is Ours

This Life That Is Ours

Motherhood as Spiritual Practice  

por Lauren Burdette
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This Life That Is Ours offers 40 gentle meditations with guidance for reflection on the spiritual journey of motherhood. These practical, soul-affirming meditations nurture a mother's heart and spiritual life in a season fraught with overwhelm, exhaustion, and loss of identity. Through the lens of Burdette's real-life stories, the reader is invited to ponder her experience and to contemplate where God might be present.

This book is divided into three sections. Reflections in the first section, "Becoming a Mother," explore the dynamics of being a new mother and the whirlwind experience of those early months and years. The second section, "Becoming Yourself," considers what it means to return home to yourself—to begin to find your identity again, both within the realm of motherhood and outside of it. The third section, "Becoming Holy," names the holy paradoxes of motherhood—the ways it can be both extraordinary and mundane, both gift and sacrifice—ultimately deepening one's experience of the holiness of motherhood.

This Life That Is Ours includes an introduction, a preparatory guide for the reflective journey, a closing spiritual practice, and a conclusion. This book can be used in communities of mom groups, intergenerational groups of women, or spouse groups and would make a great gift for new mothers and mothers-to-be.

Lauren Burdette is a spiritual director and writer from Pittsburgh, PA. She holds certificates from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in World Christian Discipleship and Individual Spiritual Direction and was honored by Spiritual Directors International with the title and scholarship New Contemplative.

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