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What the Bible Can Teach You About Yourself  

por Angela D. Schaffner
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Revealed: What the Bible Can Teach You About Yourself presents a unique look at a familiar cast of biblical characters through the eyes of a psychologist. While weaving in her personal story of healing, Schaffner uses her professional background to expertly highlight themes of seeking simplicity, finding purpose, and navigating painful and emotional experiences.

Comprised of compelling, relatable stories, Revealed makes the Bible come alive to readers in a personal and meaningful way. Through an in-depth look at the hearts of well-known biblical characters, Schaffner explores ways readers can relate to these cherished stories in their own spiritual lives, acknowledging that everyone shares the common experiences of being pulled toward external measures such as wealth, achievement, and affirmation from others.

The author challenges readers to face the reality of their hearts and begin an inward journey of renewal, listening for God's voice in unlikely places—and through unlikely people. Readers will see themselves more clearly through the lens of scripture and ultimately experience deeper self-awareness and spiritual growth.

Angela Schaffner, PhD, is the author of Revealed: What the Bible Can Teach You About Yourself. A licensed counseling psychologist and eating disorders specialist, Schaffner is also a black belt in Taekwondo. She and her husband have three sons and live in Decatur, Georgia. Schaffner earned her doctorate from Ball State University in Indiana and is an adjunct professor in Mercer University's clinical medical psychology program. She is an active member of Oak Grove United Methodist Church.


As a small-group study or a resource for individual growth, Revealed: What the Bible Can Teach You About Yourself inspires deep spiritual reflection born out of the relationship between scripture and real life. Dr. Schaffner gives us helpful tools for growth as we examine how scripture speaks to our personal experiences and the world around us. Don’t miss this opportunity to develop a new relationship with yourself, others, and the story of God’s consistent presence throughout life.
— Rev. Susan Allen Grady
Senior Pastor, Embry Hills United Methodist Church
Atlanta, Georgia

As a Christian and a psychologist, Dr. Schaffner brings a unique, in-depth perspective to her personal study of the Bible. The biblical stories covered in Revealed take on new life, offering contemporary relevance and interpretation by an insightful reader. Both her personal reflections and the encouragement she offers are helpful. Dr. Schaffner’s book provides an example and an opening for readers to go deeper. Only by going deeper do we have any hope of finding God’s messages for us.
—Donald R. Nicholas, PhD
Professor, Counseling Psychology
Ball State University

Dr. Angela Schaffner brings a new lens to familiar Bible stories through her compelling mix of psychology, experience, and theology. Through her own spiritual journey and some of her favorite Bible passages, she invites readers to see themselves in the story. By the end of the study, readers have learned about Angela, God, the Bible, and themselves.
—Dr. Glenn Ethridge
Pastor, Oak Grove United Methodist Church, Decatur, GA

Dr. Schaffner has written a convincing study that is one of the most interesting, inspiring, and open-minded studies I have ever read. Her wealth of biblical knowledge and understanding of human personality, combined with her own personal disclosures, is sure to touch and enrich all who pause in their busy lives to explore these messages.
—Linda Buchanan, M.Ed., Ph.D., CEDS-S
CEDS Approved Clinical Supervisor
Senior Director of Clinical Services, Walden Behavioral Care
(formerly Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders)

Angela Schaffner has dug deep into her own faith development to come up with this amazing gift of Revealed: What the Bible Can Teach You About Yourself. This gift to the church allows each of us, whether we seek wisdom or need renewal, to find a fresh understanding of the scriptures. Angela’s personal stories could be our own stories, making this book our book as we hope to know God’s Book for our daily living.
—Dr. Dana A. Everhart
Director for the Center for Clergy Excellence
North Georgia Conference of The United Methodist Church

Out of the wealth of her own story, biblical study, and psychological training, Dr. Schaffner invites readers into a journey of self-discovery and transformation in which the Bible serves as a comforting companion and wise counselor. Readers will be challenged and encouraged as they discover new truths about the Bible and themselves.
—Rev. Dr. Amy Morgan
Associate Pastor, Oak Grove United Methodist Church, Decatur, GA

Revealed is a guide for those desiring a closer relationship with God that is integrated into the struggles of everyday living. Dr. Schaffner draws on her personal experiences from childhood to parenthood, her professional experiences from working with those with eating disorders, and her own therapy journey. Skillfully integrating biblical examples and personal disclosure, Schaffner provides thoughtful, useful guidance for readers to make changes in their spiritual, personal, and relational lives. Revealed is an excellent resource for groups of young adults, women, or couples interested in a challenging growth experience.
—David N. Dixon, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Psychology-Counseling, Ball State University

One of the best gifts I have ever given myself has been accepting the journey offered by this book. Whether you undertake this exploration individually or in a small group, these next two months could be powerfully transforming. Dr. Schaffner has created a program of spiritual and self-discovery that combines inspiring stories, practical tools, and profound questions to facilitate your vision of a deeper personal faith and meaningful life.
—Rick Kilmer, PhD
Clinical Director
Walden Behavioral Care (formerly Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders)

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