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On Our Way

On Our Way

Christian Practices for Living a Whole Life  

Editado por Susan Briehl, Dorothy Bass
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Práctica Espiritual Jóvenes adultos Jóvenes

Early adulthood is a time of possibility, uncertainty, decision, and hope. During these years, individuals determine how they will approach life challenges and opportunities. In On Our Way: Christian Practices for Living a Whole Life, writers from a variety of backgrounds address topics of particular relevance to young adults. The essays are grouped in 5 sections that together express the whole: living a whole life

  • attentively
  • together
  • in the real world
  • for the good of all
  • in response to God

On Our Way looks at common subjects in fresh, meaningful ways. It presents "study," for example, as "not synonymous with reading books or with academic reflection, though it may well include these." Instead, this essay explains study as "a particular kind of attending to Christ and the world, a particular stance of curiosity, vigilance, and openness to learning—an openness that extends even to unlearning what we have previously learned to take for granted." Other chapters explore such subjects as

  • discerning God's call
  • friendship and intimacy
  • care for creation
  • knowing and loving our neighbors of other faiths
  • doing justice

As young adults move away from the confines of home, school, and church youth group, this book will serve as an excellent resource. While it speaks from a Christian perspective, its broad approach makes it appealing both to Christians and to those who consider themselves "spiritual but not religious."

Well-suited for individual reading or group discussion, On Our Way is an excellent companion for young adults seeking their place in today's world.


Place young before adult and what springs to mind is a period to achieve a sense of autonomy, establish identity, develop purpose and integrity, plot a vocational course, achieve healthy interpersonal relations and claim a faith. With this young-adult
pursuit in mind, Dorothy Bass and Susan Briehl provide the thoughts of twelve writers to reflect on the intersection of Christian practices with the quest of young adulthood for faith, meaning, and purpose.
Bill Campbell
United Methodist Campus Minister
Wesley Foundation at
Middle Tennessee State University

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