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Launching a New Worship Community

Launching a New Worship Community

A Practical Guide for the 2020s  

por Craig Gilbert, Paul Nixon
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For many churches, the call to make disciples comes with a realization that the church's current worship opportunities do not reach certain groups in their surrounding community. New worship services offer the most promising strategy for renewing established churches and planting new worship communities. In a post-pandemic world, churches will be challenged to reach new people with the gospel and to help them meet in a way that is meaningful to them.

Accessible to ministry professionals and lay leaders, Launching a New Worship Community is a comprehensive guide to starting a new worship community—whether that means an established church beginning a new worship service or a church startup designing its first worship offering. The authors, writing with a team of church planting experts, provide practical advice rooted in solid academics, theology, and real-world experience. With this guide, readers will have the tools they need to begin and sustain a new worship community.

Craig Gilbert is a worship consultant and founder of Purposed Heart Ministries. From Craig's ministry start in a small congregation to his serving a church with eight distinctive worship communities involving more than 2,000 worshipers, Craig has planned and presented worship in a wide variety of styles at the ""every Sunday"" level, as well as designing and leading worship in large conference settings for thousands of people. In every church Craig has served, he has helped to launch a new worship service. Each time, the services were well received from the start and grew quickly. Craig continues to consult every day with many congregations on how to strengthen their teams and systems to nourish great worship communities, including beginning new services.

Paul Nixon is the author of multiple books on church development. His company, Epicenter Group, has coached hundreds of congregations and their leaders in North America and in Europe, helping many to discover breakthroughs in the growth and renewal of their ministries. Nixon also serves as director of church multiplication for Discipleship Ministries. He was codeveloper of the Readiness 360 inventory for churches. He resides in Washington, DC and Palm Springs, CA.

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