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Joy Boosters

Joy Boosters

120 Ways to Encourage Older Adults  

por Missy Buchanan
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Know an elderly person who needs a little encouragement?

Best-selling author Missy Buchanan, an older adult advocate and a former creativity educator, offers you a bounty of ideas for lifting the spirits of older adults. Her passion for and sensitivity to the needs of elderly persons shine through in this practical book that's packed with simple, creative ways to boost the joy of older adults.

Joy Boosters is perfect for families and friends of older adults, caregivers, senior residence facilities, and churches that want to minister effectively to older adults. Don't miss the opportunity to make someone's day…or week.

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ISBN: 978-0-8358-1192-7
Editor: The Upper Room
Imprimir: Upper Room Books
Fecha de publicación: 02/01/2013
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Missy Buchanan, an advocate for older adults, is an internationally recognized author and speaker on issues of aging faithfully. With thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook, Buchanan provides daily insight and encouragement for the journey of aging. She enjoys weekly visits (digital visits and phone calls during the COVID pandemic) with older adult friends in senior living communities. Buchanan is the author of multiple books, a devotional calendar, and a devotional journal. She lives with her husband, Barry, in Rockwall, TX. They have three adult children and four grandchildren.


*Joy Boosters** is a rich resource for churches, ministry teams, and families. Its pages are full of practical ideas of ways to connect with older adults that are easy to implement and seasoned with spiritual wisdom. Missy Buchanan invites us to deepen our relationships with older adults through reshaping our everyday life moments into joyous opportunities.

Missy Buchanan’s thoughtful book of practical ideas is a compelling resource that inspires us to connect with older adults in meaningful and personal ways. Missy’s sensitive suggestions help enhance our everyday moments with older adults so that they burst with energy and joy.

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*Joy Boosters** is packed with practical ideas and is a valuable resource for familes and anyone who works with and cares about older adults. Missy Buchanan invites us to deepen our relationships with older adults through reshaping our everyday life moments into joyous opportunities.
Joel Wrobbel
Host of *Journey Through Aging** radio program,
a radio ministry of the Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services
Winner of the LeadingAge 2012 Public Trust Award

So often we hold back from interacting with older adults because we don’t know how to relate or don’t know what to say. This book by Missy Buchanan has taken away our excuses. The creative and doable activities gathered here give us new ways of connecting and being present with the older adults in our families, churches, and communities.
Rev. Nancy Gordon
Director, California Lutheran Homes Center for Spirituality and Aging

*Joy Boosters** is a much needed book for anyone providing care to older adults. It is a must read for those with older friends, relatives, and church members either living at home or in assisted living or senior community. Missy Buchanan's insight to encouraging older adults is outsdtanding, and this book is a practical and valuable resource for all of us in sharing Christian love with our "senior saints."
Larry Wasserman, Director
Faithful Friends Nursing Home Ministry
Raleigh, North Carolina

An absolutely wonderful go-to resource for volunteers and family members looking for practical ways to create meaningful visits with older adults.
Amy Hanson, PhD
speaker and author of *Baby Boomers and Beyond: Tapping the Ministry Talents and Passions of Adults Over 50**

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