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How to Pray

How to Pray

por Tom Albin, E. Stanley Jones
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"Prayer is not an occasional exercise to which you turn now and then; it is a life attitude. It is the will to cooperate with God in your total life."

—E. Stanley Jones

This reissue of a popular booklet and primer on prayer by renowned evangelist E. Stanley Jones brings his excellent—and practical—advice to a new generation. Topics include the steps of prayer, the time and place for prayer, how prayer brings us into a deeper relationship with God, and more.

New to this edition, Tom Albin expands on key elements of prayer and provides background information about Jones and his ministry.


  • Short, easy-to-read helps for building a prayer life
  • Additional information about E. Stanley Jones and his ministry
Formato: Libro de bolsillo
ISBN: 978-0-8358-1378-5
Editor: The Upper Room
Imprimir: Upper Room Books
Fecha de publicación: 04/01/2015
Paginas: 64
Dimensiones: 7.0000 x 5.0000 x 0.1530

Rev. Tom Albin is dean of Upper Room Ministries and Ecumenical Relations in Nashville, Tennessee.

E. Stanley Jones (1884-1973) was a well-known Christian missionary and evangelist of the 20th century. An influential leader who initiated round-table interfaith discussions, Jones became close friends with Mohandas Gandhi and eventually wrote a biography of the Hindu activist. Dr. Jones authored 26 books and founded the Christian ashram movement.

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