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Parents and Grandparents as Spiritual Guides

Nurturing Children of the Promise  
Betty Shannon Cloyd
Today, we're increasingly disconnected from one another. Our mobile society, with its incessant busyness, creates a tragic break in relationships and diminishes the sense of community — even within families. Some parents communicate with their children by texting or calling them — inside their home! With all of the activities children are involved in — school, sports, music, camp, and others — spiritual nurture often gets neglected. "Spirituality makes persons look beyond themselves to the we...

Fire in the Soul

A Prayer Book for the Later Years  
Richard L. Morgan
In Fire in the Soul, Richard L. Morgan offers prayers to God for help in meeting the following late-life challenges: discovering God's call at retirement moving to deeper contemplation accepting aging discerning the meaning of stories mentoring facing loss and death redeeming suffering Morgan includes personal prayers (most written after his own retirement) as well as classic prayers from John Calvin, Saint Augustine, John Donne, and Teresa of Avila. A constant spiritual guide for the late...

In Ministry with Boomers and Beyond

Leader's Guide for Aging and Ministry in the 21st Century  
Discipleship Resources
This is the Leader's Guide to the text Aging and Ministry in the 21st Century. Session topics include: The Realities of Aging Finding Meaning Caring unto Death Ministry by, with, and for Older Adults Boomer Ministry Available ONLY as a PDF download. To purchase the Participant's Guide, go here. Sorry, this item is not eligible for special promotional and bulk discounts. This is a nonreturnable, nonrefundable product.