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The Workbook of Living Prayer

The Workbook of Living Prayer

por Maxie Dunnam
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One of the best-selling group resources ever published by The Upper Room, this dynamic and thought-provoking workbook will enrich your prayer life.

"My prayer is that all who use this revised edition will not only learn something new about prayer, but more than anything else, will be inspired to pray," writes Dunnam. "Prayer is one of the ways we link ourselves with God, we put ourselves in the channel of God's moving power, and we participate with God in ministry to all persons…I am convinced that this is one of the most glorious privileges given to Christians."

The Workbook of Living Prayer can be used by individuals or groups to help the experience of prayer come alive. This 6-week prayer adventure features for each day:

  • comments on a particular facet of prayer
  • scripture readings
  • "Reflecting and Recording" exercises
  • "During-the Day" instructions
  • instructions for group meetings

Take up this personal journey to grow closer to God through the mystery and power of prayer.

After 10 years serving as its fifth president, Maxie Dunnam is now serving as chancellor of Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. Dunnam came to Asbury after 12 years of ministry at the 6,000-member Christ United Methodist Church in Memphis, Tennessee. From 1975 - 1982, Dunnam was world editor of The Upper Room daily devotional guide, and prior to that he was director of Prayer Life and Fellowship for The Upper Room. A prolific writer, Dunnam is the author of more than 30 books, including the widely used Workbook on? series, including Beatitudes and Ten Commandments.

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