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Boomer Spirituality

Boomer Spirituality

Seven Values for the Second Half of Life  

por Craig Kennet Miller
Libro de bolsillo
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As the boomer generation navigates dramatic change as it ages, it will be informed by a unique spirituality that was forged in the tumultuous years of the 1960s and 1970s. If you are a boomer, you are sure to be reminded of the events and experiences that had an impact on you when you were young. If you are the child of a boomer, this book will help you understand why your parents act the way they do. If you are creating ministry for this generation, this will be your guide to the way boomers view the world and look toward the future.

Formato: Libro de bolsillo
ISBN: 978-0-88177-781-9
Editor: The Upper Room
Imprimir: Discipleship Resources
Fecha de publicación: 01/01/2017
Paginas: 190
Dimensiones: 9.2500 x 7.5000 x 0.4040

Craig Kennet Miller is the Director of Pastoral Leadership through Disciple-Making Faith Communities at General Board of Discipleship of the United Methodist Church in Nashville. He is an elder in the Cal-Pac Annual Conference and the author of numerous books including NextChurch.Now: Creating New Faith Communities and co-creator of the L3 Leadership Incubator and the Church Vitality Indicator (CVI).

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