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Concepts in Leadership II

Refresher Course for Local Church Leaders  
Discipleship Resources
Concepts in Leadership II is designed to be a refresher course for local church lay speakers, but it may be used for leadership development in any setting. Designed to be taught in one 5-hour session, this PDF-formatted course may be divided into multiple sessions for use in a Sunday school class or small-group setting. After completing this course, participants will be able to: Recognize God's call upon them to leadership Describe the spiritual nature of leadership and use spiritual pract...

Introducing Theology to Laity

A Challenge to the Whole Church to Explore God’s Nature  
John Wesley Zwonunondiita Kurewa
As John Kurewa and his brother talked about a tragic bus crash that had occurred nearby, his brother said, "Well, that shows when your time to die has come, there is nothing you can do about it." Was it really God's will for all those people to die or be injured in that wreck? By together delving into the meaning of the event, and into God's nature, the author and his brother came to a more profound understanding of God's purpose regarding the events of our lives. Challenged by their discussi...

Evangelization and Church Growth in the African Context

Joaquina Nhanala
In this time when the church is experiencing a tremendous growth in members and in the number of denominations, such questions like the "what," "why," and "how" of evangelism need to be addressed. This resource gives answers and guidance to these and other important questions. Foreword by Bishop Joaquina Nhanala.